Breast Reduction

This operation involves the removal of breast tissue and usually some breast skin. The reduction in breast volume will result in smaller, lighter breasts and may lead to improvement in posture and relief of back, neck, and shoulder strap pain. The procedure can also reduce the risk of rashes that form under the breasts (intertrigo).

The reduction in breast size and weight can result in a new lease on life allowing the greater unrestricted activity. The procedure can also produce an uplift of the breasts, correcting any downward pointing of the nipples. The above all help to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.


Your surgeon will explain how to prepare for your operation. For example, if you smoke, you will be asked to stop, as smoking increases your risk of getting a chest and wound infection, which can slow your recovery.

Breast reductions are usually done under a general anesthetic. This means you will be asleep during the procedure. You will be asked to follow fasting instructions. This means not eating or drinking, typically for about six hours beforehand. However, it’s important to follow your surgeon’s advice.

You will need a well-fitting bra to wear after your operation. Your surgeon will advise you about the most suitable type and size of bra beforehand. You may need to wear this immediately after your surgery or one or two days later.


Breast Reduction Before & After BaltimoreMany women who opt for mastopexy are happy with the size of their breasts. However, you can also combine breast lift surgery with a breast enlargement or breast reduction procedure to achieve the aesthetic results you want.

There are various ways to carry out the operation. Dr. Del Corral will discuss which is the most appropriate for you and explain how your breasts are likely to look afterward. The operation usually takes between two and four hours.

Typically, Dr. Del Corral will remove excess breast tissue through cuts in the lower part of your breasts and move your nipples to fit the new shape. He will reshape your breasts and close the cuts with stitches (which may be dissolvable). Your surgeon may wrap your breasts in a special supportive dressing or support bra.

Sometimes, breast liposuction may be an option. Your surgeon will remove fat from your breasts through a plastic tube. Talk to Dr. Del Corral for more information about breast liposuction.

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Breast Procedure

Breast Reduction
Vertical Reduction Wise Pattern Reduction


Full recovery from breast reduction varies between individuals, so it’s important to follow Dr. Del Corral’s advice, but usually, you will be back to normal within six weeks. If you need pain relief, you can take over-the-counter painkillers such as Tylenol or ibuprofen. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice.

At your initial appointment, Dr. Del Corral will advice about when you will be able to carry on with your usual activities and return to work. You may need two to four weeks off work, depending on your job, and you shouldn’t do any heavy lifting for around six weeks afterwards.

I’m very pleased with the outcome of my boobs … I’m only 5 days post opp and they already look amazing. Dr. Del Corral is very sweet and nice so is his staff. He made sure I wasn’t nervous and explained the whole process to me !!!!

– thtgirlJT

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As with every procedure, there are some risks associated with breast reduction surgery. We have not included the chance of these happening as they are specific to you and differ for every person. Ask your surgeon to explain how these risks apply to you.


Side effects are the unwanted but mostly temporary effects you may get after having the procedure.

Your breasts will be sore for a few days after your operation and may feel tender and lumpy for some time. You will have scars, which will be red and slightly raised to start with but should fade to white over the following months.

Your nipples may be less sensitive than before. This is more likely if your nipples have been moved during surgery. Depending on the type of breast reduction surgery, you may be unable to breastfeed after the operation.

There is a chance you will be left with small folds of skin at the end of the scar, both between and at the sides of your breasts. You may need to have a second operation under local anesthetic to remove these.


Complications are when problems occur during or after the operation. The possible complications of any operation include an unexpected reaction to the anesthetic, excessive bleeding, or developing a blood clot, usually in a vein in the leg (deep vein thrombosis).

Specific complications of breast reduction include those listed below.

  • Infection – this may need to be treated with antibiotics and sometimes further surgery.
  • Hematoma – this is when bleeding occurs inside your breast making it swollen and painful. You may need further surgery to stop the bleeding.
  • Your wound can be slow to heal. The skin may form a scab that can fall off, leaving a wide scar.
  • Rarely, alterations in the blood supply to your breast may result in the loss of part, or even all, of your nipple.
  • It’s possible that your breasts may not be the same shape and size as each other or that your nipples may not be level after surgery.

Breast Reduction

How Much Does Breast Reduction Cost?

The cost of a Breast Reduction varies, because it is a highly individualized surgery tailored for each patient. The overall price may include anesthesia, operating room facilities, new breast implants, and other related expenses. Additional tests and imaging may also add to your total. Contact us for additional information.


If you are considering a breast reduction we encourage you to contact us to schedule a consultation and/or treatment at Dr. Del Corral’s office. During this visit, we will listen to your concerns and discuss your options. After careful analysis of your breasts, we will tell you whether you are a suitable candidate for this procedure and inform you of the alternatives and potential risks of the procedure.

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