Breast Enhancement Baltimore

Breast Enhancement has helped many women achieve the increased breast size they desired. Some women have never been satisfied with their disproportionately small breast size and others find their breasts have lost mass after pregnancy and nursing or the effects of aging. Some other women deal with breast asymmetry where one breast is more than a cup […]

Breast Augmentation Baltimore

When you feel your breasts are too small for your figure or have lost breast mass due to weight fluctuations or pregnancy and nursing, Breast Augmentation may be your best option. To increase breast fullness and projection, improve body-confidence and create a more ideal body proportion there is breast augmentation. Dr. Del Corral has helped many area women achieve their […]

Rhinoplasty Baltimore

Rhinoplasty is a procedure to improve the aesthetic qualities of the nose by increasing or decreasing the overall size, correcting bumps or indentations, correcting nostril size or shape, and changing the shape and direction of the tip of the nose. Many men and women feel self-conscious of the appearance of their nose for many personal reasons. […]

Breast Reduction Baltimore

Women who have breasts that are disproportionately large for their figures often deal with pain on a daily basis. Women with large breasts suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain and can have severe bra indentations and skin rashes. It can be difficult to impossible to enjoy pain-free exercise and find clothing that fits appropriately. […]

Brachioplasty Baltimore

When men and women undergo a dramatic weight loss, they are often left with excess, sagging skin in the upper arm. This excess, sagging skin often causes many to feel self-conscious of their arms. Through brachioplasty many people have found the tighter, fitter looking arms they desired. This body contouring procedure typically takes hour to perform and […]

Blepharoplasty Baltimore

Blepharoplasty is a procedure designed to improve the appearance around the eyes. One of the more delicate areas of the face, our eyelids are often among the first places we begin to see those common signs of aging such as fine lines, creases, and winkles. There can be puffy, under-eye bags, or crows feet or sagging […]

Facial Fillers 101

Currently there are numerous facial (dermal) fillers FDA approved for facial aging. Dermal fillers are used to help reduce and diminish facial lines and imperfections that occur naturally with aging. They can also help restore volume and fullness to give a more youthful and smooth appearance. Typically they are used in the areas around the […]

Saline vs Silicone implants- Why choose one over the other

Breast Implants

There are many factors that a patient should consider when choosing a Plastic Surgeon. Board certification, experience, patient reviews, office location, etc. One question that many of our patients have brought up in initial consultations is whether we use saline or silicone breast implants. A valid question with multiple considerations determining the final choice. Below […]

Save the Date, Lose the Fat: One Night Only Event, March 15

Carroll Health Group Plastic Surgery has moved!

Carroll Health Group Plastic Surgery has moved to a new location. Beginning today, plastic and reconstructive surgeon Gabriel Del Corral, M.D., is seeing patients at his new, state-of-the-art office located in the Fisher Medical Building at 193 Stoner Avenue, suite 220. Fellowship-trained in microsurgery, Dr. Del Corral will continue to provide a range of plastic […]