Plastic Surgery Patient Testimonials

What Our Patients Say

Knowledgeable And Professional

He is everything you want rolled into one doctor. He is knowledgeable and professional, but he also makes you feel like you are his only patient…like he has all the time in the world for you.

by Lynn Hanigan, Westminster

Beyond Pleased With My Results

The greatest thing about Dr. Del Corral is that he always made me feel comfortable. He talked me through my options in normal, everyday terms and showed me pictures of what to expect, which was a big help. I am beyond pleased with my results. My breasts look and feel natural, it’s just awesome.

by Dawn Weaver, Hanover

Kind and Considerate

He is kind and considerate and very willing to answer all of my questions. I never felt rushed with any of my appointments or his visits in the hospital. I truly feel cared for and cared about.

by Sarah Whitfield, Hampstead

Extremely Calming

I thought Dr. Del Corral was someone the heavens sent to me. After my breast cancer diagnosis, I was panic-stricken. He was extremely calming and gave me all the education I needed. The whole process was much easier than I thought it would be. He genuinely cares; you can feel it.

by Eileen Rambo, Taneytown

Phenomenal Treatment

Usually surgery is scary, but Dr. Del Corral put me completely at ease about my breast reduction. The way I was treated from beginning to end was just phenomenal. And I love my results. I joke that I look and feel like a 20-year-old again.

by Vicky Dean-Smith, Eldersburg

Very Dedicated

Dr. Del Corral is a very dedicated doctor who always gives you 110 percent. When I was in the hospital, he was the first one there in the morning and the last one there at night to check on me. He’s done a wonderful job for me, and I feel so fortunate that he came to Carroll Hospital when he did.

by Rita, Carroll County

I Would Do It Again

With Dr. Del Corral, I felt secure that everything would get done right, and it did. My procedure was exactly how he said it would be. My breasts feel natural and normal, and I can’t stop looking at my belly. It hasn’t looked like this since before my kids were born! I’m so glad I did it, and I would do it again.

by Lisa Schwartzbeck, Union Bridge

He’s Worth It!

After a car accident, I was left with catastrophic wounds to my leg. Dr. Del Corral performed three debridements and a flap surgery, he saved my leg. And throughout it all, he made me feel like he cared about me more than anything else. I recently moved to Louisiana and met a woman who needed a plastic surgeon. I told her, ‘Go to Dr. Del Corral. He’s in Maryland but he’s worth it!’

by Christina Wheeler, Finksburg