When exercise and diet aren’t enough to help you shed fat in various areas of your body, undergoing ultrasonic liposuction or UAL is the way to go. As the name suggests, this procedure uses sound waves in high pitches to give you the results you want.

UAL – How It Uses Ultrasound Energy?

While it can be challenging to eliminate excess fat via conventional methods, UAL doesn’t face any difficulties. First, the doctor will inject tumescent fluid into the area of treatment. It is a combination of epinephrine, saltwater solution, and an anesthetic.

The reason the medical professional uses this substance is to make it easier to remove the excess fat deposits. With the help of a generator, the doctor will guide the sound waves to the area which needs treatment. To transmit this energy, the medical professional uses a thin, vacuum-like tube, known as a cannula. The moment the fat cells come in contact with the ultrasound waves, it will start to liquify.

Remember, receiving the tumescent fluid before the start of the procedure? With this solution, the doctor can vacuum out the excess fat cells with ease. UAL is popular because you can use it to treat areas where there is high-density of fat cells. As a result, the medical professional will be able to remove large chunks at a time.

One Solution, Multiple Treatment Areas

You can use UAL on your ankles, calves, knees, cheeks, neck, and chin. Want to experience the power of UAL procedure so that you no longer have to worry about your physique? Contact a licensed doctor today!