Liquid Face Lift Westminster

A liquid facelift is a non-surgical procedure using fillers and Botox to help remove facial lines, wrinkles and restore facial contour. At some point in time lines and wrinkles become problematic for us all with the loss of collagen and elastin associated with natural aging. A treatment that can help is the liquid facelift. This procedure uses fillers such as Restylane, Radiesse, and JUVEDERM to help smooth wrinkles, folds and facial lines. In addition to fillers, a muscle immobilizing medication, i.e. Botox, is typically used to eliminate frown lines, crows feet and/or forehead furrows by smooth muscle paralyzation. The Botox is usually given every 3-4 months while some of the fillers need only be given once yearly. The liquid facelift is an excellent non-surgical procedure to help provide definition and restore facial volume, leading to a more youthful contour and appearance. However, this procedure is not suited for eliminating excess skin or for tightening skin. In this case a traditional surgical facelift is the best treatment.


The liquid facelift involves injecting the fillers and/or Botox into specific areas of the face. Typically there are multiple injections administered during the procedure and this will vary depending on the areas of the face needing to be treated. Most of the injectable medications are combined with a local anesthetic so there is very little discomfort. We will sometime use small icepacks to the injection areas to further reduce swelling and pain. The entire procedure usually lasts 45-60 minutes.

How Long Will a Liquid Facelift Last?

The liquid facelift is a long-acting but not permanent solution to facial lines and wrinkles. Most of the filler injection improvements are seen for 12-18 months while the Botox injections are normally given every 3-4 months.

What are the side effects of Liquid Facelift?

The side effects of the procedure are the same as with any type of localized injection. Redness, bruising, headache and/or pain at the injection sites. These effects are usually very short lived and resolve quickly. Ice to the areas are helpful so we normally suggest you relax the rest of the day after having the procedure.


The costs per procedure will vary depending on the medications used and how many areas need to be treated. This can range from $400-1800. A consultation with Dr. Del Corral will give you detailed information on the suggested areas for treatment as well as cost.